A Gifted Choreographer: Greg Chapkis

Jun 21

Rating   4.0

Greg Chapkis needs no introduction but we are thrilled to have a choreographer with such amazing skills and repertoire on board. Greg will appear at the McDonald's Dance USA Dance Semi Finale, as one of the three judges along with Shivani & Chaya, and Jesse Lee Santos. 

Born in Ukraine, Chapkis became involved with the dance community at a very young age. After moving to the US in 1999, he continued to develop his passion for dance and opened up his own dance studio, Dance Unlimited, which was an instant success. In 2004, he expanded his studio and opened his own dance company, Chapkis Dance Family where he continued to train and direct new dancers. He had only one goal in mind; to bring out and hone the inner talent of all his students.

Fast forward to 2005, Chapkis successfully finished in the top 24 finalists of the first season of, “So U Think U Can Dance”. The year, 2009 marked a significant turn for his career where he got the opportunity to participate in America’s most famous show, “America’s Got Talent” with his dance group Mix’d Elements. For his work and contribution to the dance industry, he was given the Hall of Fame Award in 2011 by the urban dance competition, Battlefest 360. His company, Chapkis Dance Family was also nominated for the “Company of the Year” award at the 2015 World of Dance Awards. 

Other notable works of Chapkis include choreographing and producing his own dance shows and competitions such as Collaboration, Gift to Gig, Under Construction and the Annual Chapkis Dance Halloween Show. He has also collaborated with famous artists like Ciara, Jessica Mauboy, RazB, Christy Frank, and J Sweet. Chapkis has also showcased his dance talents to aspiring dancers abroad by hosting many workshops and tours in countries like Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and many more all over the world. 

Come and meet Greg at the McDonald's Dance USA Dance semi-finale. Tickets: https://bit.ly/2Mk7evm

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