Interview : Navatman Dance

Sep 07, 2018

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For Navatman Dance, a performance is both incredibly personal, being fueled by individual passion and values, and yet extremely global as an expressive art form. The team with much-accomplished experience in Bharatnatyam is all set to light up the DUD TV-Series.

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Q: How does it feel to win? What kind of audience reactions fuels you? 

A: It feels great to win and move ahead in this competition. We love an audience that is open-minded, willing to engage and connect with the work we do.  

Q: Tell us the collective years of experience of your team? 

A: Each one of our team members has about 15-20 years of Bharatnatyam experience. Sahi, Maya, and Yatrika have been together for more than 4 years now. Deepti and Aparna joined us last year and we have been working together ever since. 

Q: How many hours do you practice a week?

A: We generally practice for 4 hours, together as a team every week. As and when shows come up, we spend 10-12 hours a week (sometimes more) brainstorming and rehearsing.

Q: Which style of dance do you think is your strongest and why?

A: Definitely our strength is Bharatanatyam. Each one of us has grown up learning and practicing this art form and we can very confidently say that this is our strongest style.

Q: Do you have an Alpha/Captain/choreographer in the team? 

A: Sahasra Sambamoorthi, @sahi_s

Q: Tell us why it is important to have a platform for dance?

A: We are based out of New York City and have most of our audience here in the city. With a platform like DUD, we believe we can reach a bigger audience across the country and maybe across the globe. It's a great platform for us to present ourselves, meet other dancers and reach a bigger audience. 

Q: What moves and inspires you most about dance?

A: Dance is both incredibly personal and extremely global. What we mean by that is, the best kind of dance seems to be fueled from very personal values, a need to be true to one’s vision, and is not truly influenced by societal trends - and yet - though it comes from this incredibly personal place, can speak deeply to an incredible number of audiences. It is the common duality of human existence - both completely individualistic and yet also moves as a herd at the same time.

Q: What do you think the team did right to be able to win the Golden Ticket?

A: We practiced a lot. 

Q: One thing you learnt from other participating teams?

A: People are appreciative of classical Indian dance! We’re always fed that perhaps people don’t like it as much as other styles. But we’ve been finding that people really seem to enjoy it. 

Q: What are you focusing on for the Semi-Finale performances?

A: We are really excited about the theme. 

Q: Who is supporting you the most for this event? Sponsors?

A: Actually, Ayesha of Bollywood Funk and Sridhar Shanmugam, our co-founder. Ayesha really encouraged us to try this event which is completely different than what we normally do and Sridhar is always talking about how we have to be a little more open to new ways of communicating our dance and vision to audiences.

Q: What is the one thing you love about Dance USA Dance Season 2?

A: The energy and spirit of the participants and the organizers. It is so good! 


Thank you team Navatman Dance, we wish you all the best. McDonald's Dance USA Dance Season 2 TV-series is coming soon on Zee TV USA. (Watch Promo)


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