INTERVIEW : Team Ground Zero

Sep 14

Rating   4.5

Hip Hop is this crew's forte, but their synchronization, electrifying zeal, and stunning choreography is what rocks the stage and enthralls the audience with awe. Let's hear from Team GroundZero who is among the promising semi-finalists of DUD season 2. (Watch Promo)

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Q: How does it feel to win? What kind of audience reactions fuels you?

A:  It feels motivating and the desire to do more. Cheering/Whistling audience always gives that extra energy while performing on stage.

Q: How many hours do you practice a week?

A: 15 hours

Q: Which style of dance do you think is your strongest and why?

A: Hip Hop because that’s the kind of style we have been doing for the past few years.

Q: Do you have an Alpha/Captain/choreographer in the team? Add his/her Social Media Handle.

A: Thulasi Ram is our primary choreographer on the team: @TulsiAlive

Q: Your views on why it is important to have a platform for dance?

A: To showcase our talent to the world and entertain them.

Q: What moves and inspires you most about dance?

A: The fact that it makes us and people around happy. 

Q: What do you think the team did right to be able to win the Golden Ticket?

A: Our song mix was interesting and entertaining. Along with that good choreography, synchronization and energy helped us win the golden ticket.

Q: One thing you learnt from other participating teams?

A:  To have different styles and variety.

Q: What are you focusing on for the Semi-Finale performances?

A: Presentation, choreography, synchronization, variety, and expressions.

Q: Does your dance group have a dedicated social media account? 

A: Find us on Instagram @teamgroundzerodance

Q: What is the one thing you love about Dance USA Dance Season 2?

A: Sarish Khan.

Thank you team GroundZero, we wish you all the best. McDonald's Dance USA Dance Season 2 TV-series is coming soon on Zee TV USA. (Watch Promo)



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