Oct 19

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Equipped with experience and hunger to go beyond their existing benchmarks, Nach Nation believes dance to be an extension of real life. This super-talented crew is all set to unveil their mettle on DUD Season 2 stage. Keep reading to find out what makes this team stand apart.

Q: How does it feel to win? What kind of audience reactions fuels you?

A: Our win feels like a dream come true. An audience reaction of acknowledgement, applause, fair judgement and sportsmanship fuels us. 

Q: Tell us the collective years of experience of your team? 

A:  Nach Nation has been in the field of dance for six years, and our team has a cumulative experience of over a hundred years. 

Q: Whoa! And how many hours do you practice a week?

A:  We practice for eight to ten hours a week.

Q: Which style of dance do you think is your strongest and why?

A: We use fusion and freestyle to reflect the lyrics of the songs we perform to.

Q: Do you have an Alpha/Captain/choreographer in the team? 

A: Our choreographer is Uma Kapoor. 

Q: Your views on why is it important to have a platform for dance?

A:  To showcase diverse talents from all over the world. It also gives dancers a chance to express and share their views and experiences.

Q: What moves and inspires you most about dance?

A:  Dance is an extension of real life. It gives us space to explore life, challenge our physical movement and work with our community.

Q: What do you think the team did right to be able to win the Golden Ticket?

A: Teamwork, conviction to our storyline, dedication to the artform.

Q: One thing you learnt from other participating teams?

A: That all dancers are already winners.

Q: What are you focusing on for the Semi-Finale performances?

A: Fitness, storyline, teamwork and going beyond. 

Q: Who is supporting you the most for this event? Sponsors?

A: Families of our team members are our biggest support. The Arts Council of Princeton where Uma Kapoor conducts her classes also supports us.

Q: Does your dance group have a dedicated social media account? 

A:  Instagram: @nach_nation  and Facebook: Nach Nation

Q: What is the one thing you love about Dance USA Dance Season 2?

A: Dance USA Dance challenges us to become even better dancers and to achieve a new level as a team.

Thank you Team Nach Nation. We wish you all the best. Readers, keep watching McDonald's Dance USA Dance Season 2 TV-series, every Saturday at 8 pm EST only on Zee TV USA and keep supporting us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (Watch Episode 4 Promo)


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