Maria Martynova: Russian who performed Indian classical to win Dance USA Dance

Sep 09

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While talking about Dance USA Dance, Maria said that it was not easy. It had people who performed very well. “All of them were outstanding, there are no words to describe any of them. I am blessed that I won the show,” stated Maria.

It feels rewarding when the result of one’s arduous work comes out to be amazing. Something similar happened with Maria in Dance USA Dance. On one hand, the judge was Saroj Khan who is a class A choreographer in Bollywood and on the other was Maria. She was performing Indian classical and Bollywood dancing. She knew she would be scrutinized for every gesture and expression she showed on stage and that is exactly what happened. “To be judged by Saroj Khan and getting first place means a lot. It feels that my hard work has been paid off. After all these years of continuous efforts to learn Indian classical dance kathak and then winning the show makes me feel elated and equally responsible to keep learning,” she proudly exclaimed.

Talking about how Indian Bollywood dancing is becoming so popular in the west, Maria reveals that anyone can recognize such moves in America. They know when one is performing Bollywood style. As for Maria it is a rage, but there are people who do not accept Bollywood dancing at all. “My friends learn the dance moves of ‘Kajrare’ already” Maria added with a chuckle.

Presently, Maria is relishing the achievements and is making people realize how fun Indian style is, but there was a time when she felt it was difficult to learn. “For western people, Indian classical is definitely tough. Our hands, head, arms, and eyes can’t move so fast! Plus, it’s very important that you know the exact translation of each word to explain it with your gestures. It is physically demanding too,” says Maria.

Talking about passing her talent on to future generations, she says “Why not! I love to work with kids, they are always excited about dancing, their souls are so pure,” added Maria with a smile.

While leaving us, she shared a tip for all dancers out there, “Practice, practice, and practice! Make sure you make your performance the best one, not only with your technique but with plethora of emotions. Add soul to your performance and you will notice it become unique,” mentioned Maria.


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